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Classes PlayedDemoman Scout

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Action Team By Date
Left CommanderX and The Sex Kittens [6on6] tay
Joined CommanderX and The Sex Kittens [6on6] CommanderX
Left Blue waffles [6on6] tay
Joined Blue waffles [6on6] Cizeer
Left Blue waffles [6on6] tay
Joined Blue waffles [6on6] barEEE
Left Perilous Gaming [6on6] tay
Joined Perilous Gaming [6on6] howdeh
Left STRIP [6on6] tay
Joined STRIP [6on6] op
Left Procella [6on6] op
Joined Procella [6on6] tay
Left Mousetek [6on6] vani
Joined Mousetek [6on6] Dummy
Left Topfraggers [Highlander] tay
Left Aerosol eSports Club [6on6] Indxyou
Joined Aerosol eSports Club [6on6] Indxyou
Left -- [6on6] Indxyou
Joined -- [6on6] Dendocror
Left fiesta [6on6] tay
Joined fiesta [6on6] tay
Left Fresh Princes of TF2 [6on6] tay
Joined Topfraggers [Highlander] XleX
Joined Fresh Princes of TF2 [6on6] XleX
Left MEGAHELF [2on2] tay
Left Good at Last! [6on6] tay
Joined Good at Last! [6on6] Risky
Left FUNKYFRESH [6on6] tay
Joined MEGAHELF [2on2] Indxyou
Joined FUNKYFRESH [6on6] tay
Left Slow to Mid [6on6] tay
Joined Slow to Mid [6on6] XleX

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