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Classes PlayedMedic Soldier

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Team History

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Action Team By Date
Left TEZC Highlander! [Highlander] Matt
Left The Enigma Zone Crew [6on6] Coleman
Joined TEZC Highlander! [Highlander] Coleman
Left Nau [2on2] gir
Joined The Enigma Zone Crew [6on6] Coleman
Left Flood v2 [Highlander] Biz
Joined Flood v2 [Highlander] Biz
Left In HaX We Trust [6on6] Spikes
Joined In HaX We Trust [6on6] Spikes
Left Team Matr1x [Fun Team] Spikes
Joined Team Matr1x [Fun Team] Spikes
Left The Hampshire Heavies [6on6] Hitoshura
Joined The Hampshire Heavies [6on6] gir
Left Execute [6on6] gir
Joined Nau [2on2] Space
Joined Execute [6on6] gir
Left AWOL [6on6] gir
Joined AWOL [6on6] rezOnanceUK
Left AWOL [6on6] rezOnanceUK
Joined AWOL [6on6] rezOnanceUK
Left AWOL [6on6] rezOnanceUK
Joined AWOL [6on6] rezOnanceUK
Left FakkelBrigade [6on6] gir
Joined FakkelBrigade [6on6] gir
Left I am [6on6] gir
Joined I am [6on6] Bicceh

Matches Played

This player played in 8 matches:
DateRoundTeam 1Team 2Result
One Night Cup: Foundry! MID [Archives]
Round 1 Dont Shoot the Panda The Enigma Zone Crew 3 - 0
One Night Cup: Croissant! MID [Archives]
Quarter Final The Enigma Zone Crew yaay 0 - 3
Round 1 The Enigma Zone Crew Team Imperial 3 - 0
Basketball 2on2 Cup #2 [Archives]
Round 2 Nau Olives don't grow in Austria! 2 - 0
Round 1 Paz y amor, y el Plus pal salon Nau 0 - 2
Season 4 [Archives]
Week 8 (Division 3d) Precursors of Death The Hampshire Heavies 3 - 3
Week 6 (Division 3d) The Hampshire Heavies Northwave 6 - 0
ETF2L 4th Cup [Archives]
Round 3 Execute The Imperial 0 - 2