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Joined brb, going ham [6on6] BC
Left Anti-Gather! [6on6] fps_daniel
Joined Anti-Gather! [6on6] Kaa0s
Left Incapable of Real Sports [6on6] Boo
Joined Incapable of Real Sports [6on6] Boo
Left I Lontri [6on6] NetSky
Joined I Lontri [6on6] fps_daniel
Left I Lontri [6on6] fps_daniel
Joined I Lontri [6on6] fps_daniel
Joined Kings [Highlander] Thomas
Left In HaX We Trust [6on6] Spikes
Joined In HaX We Trust [6on6] Spikes
Left Team Matr1x [6on6] fps_daniel
Joined Team Matr1x [6on6] Spikes

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