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Joined 54 fov gaming [Highlander] smiul
Left cp_orange [6on6] Ragz
Joined cp_orange [6on6] SkrollZ
Left Fallen Moon [6on6] Ragz
Joined Fallen Moon [6on6] HIPPIE
Left cp_orange [6on6] Ragz
Joined cp_orange [6on6] SkrollZ
Left PoCanl s OrAnGeS [Fun Team] Ragz
Left X3 4TO, POTOM CMEHI-O [Highlander] Ragz
Joined PoCanl s OrAnGeS [Fun Team] Ragz
Joined X3 4TO, POTOM CMEHI-O [Highlander] derzkiy vorobey
Left [Highlander] Ragz
Joined [Highlander] gale
Left cp_orange_x3 [Highlander] Ragz
Left neperedatslovami [6on6] lolka_56
Joined cp_orange_x3 [Highlander] SkrollZ
Joined neperedatslovami [6on6] dima
Left neperedatslovami [6on6] dima
Joined neperedatslovami [6on6] dima
Left Neko Team [6on6] Ragz
Left Pomoika [Highlander] dis-patch
Joined Pomoika [Highlander] dis-patch
Left Memeriка and friends [Highlander] Ragz
Joined Neko Team [6on6] Xidy
Joined Memeriка and friends [Highlander] Xidy

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DateRoundTeam 1Team 2Result
Season 32
Week 1 (Open) cp_orange zeltron 6 billion 0 - 6