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Action Team By Date
Joined Houndruv [Highlander] TheStrplum213
Left Who even plays HL [Highlander] Spoar121
Left Thanks Gorr [Fun Team] Spoar121
Left Gorr is a God [2on2] Spoar121
Joined Who even plays HL [Highlander] Gorr
Joined Thanks Gorr [Fun Team] Gorr
Left Intoxicated [Highlander] Spoar121
Left Funtuation Obliteration [Fun Team] Spoar121
Joined Kachow! [6on6] Spoar121
Left ETF2Lizards [6on6] Spoar121
Joined Funtuation Obliteration [Fun Team] Spoar121
Joined Gorr is a God [2on2] Gorr
Joined ETF2Lizards [6on6] Spoar121
Left ETF2Lizards [6on6] Spoar121
Joined ETF2Lizards [6on6] Gorr
Left Punctuation Obliteration [6on6] Spoar121
Joined Intoxicated [Highlander] Raptor
Left punctuation obliteration [Fun Team] Spoar121
Joined Punctuation Obliteration [6on6] Spoar121
Joined punctuation obliteration [Fun Team] Spoar121

Matches Played

This player played in 13 matches:
DateRoundTeam 1Team 2Result
Reverse Map Cup Playoffs [Archives]
Round 1 tailless amphibian eat baguette Kachow! 0 - 3
Reverse Map Cup [Archives]
Round 3 (resiewduB) Kachow! Ringo 3 0 - 3
Round 2 (resiewduB) Kachow! Safezone 3 - 0
Basketball 2on2 Cup #6 [Archives]
Group Round 3 (The Bear and the Maiden Fair) Gorr is a God Two Tapirs 0 - 3
Group Round 1 (The Bear and the Maiden Fair) Gorr is a God rofl who even plays bball 3 - 0
Season 27
Week 7 (Open) FlyBoys Punctuation Obliteration 0 - 6
Week 6 (Open) Punctuation Obliteration Spirit Raccoons 5 - 1
Week 5 (Open) Punctuation Obliteration Bedo 0 - 6
Week 3 (Open) Punctuation Obliteration Bare grills 6 - 0
Week 2 (Open) Legion Gaming Punctuation Obliteration 6 - 0
Week 1 (Open) Knightly Strangers Punctuation Obliteration 0 - 6
The Fresh Meat Challenge sponsored by and [Archives]
Week 2 (Red Group) Fyresdal punctuation obliteration 6 - 0
Week 1 (Red Group) In Da Klub punctuation obliteration 0 - 6

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