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Classes PlayedScout Soldier

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined [insert funny name here] [Fun Team] Lt.Kick-Ass
Left Hysteresis Highlander [Highlander] Hakku
Joined Stormtroop Helvetica [6on6] FreeZZa
Left Dead Man's Shift [6on6] Hakku
Joined Dead Man's Shift [6on6] Hakku
Left usF ViSiT [6on6] FreeZZa
Joined Hysteresis Highlander [Highlander] Hakku
Joined usF ViSiT [6on6] FreeZZa
Left Undead Special Force [6on6] FreeZZa
Joined Undead Special Force [6on6] FreeZZa
Left usF ViSiT [6on6] FreeZZa
Joined usF ViSiT [6on6] FreeZZa
Left DW-Steppenfuchs [6on6] Psywichtel
Joined DW-Steppenfuchs [6on6] FreeZZa
Left DW-Steppenfuchs [6on6] CeeZed
Joined DW-Steppenfuchs [6on6] FreeZZa

Matches Played

This player played in 12 matches:
DateRoundTeam 1Team 2Result
Season 9 [Archives]
Week 7 (Division 6j) Stormtroop Helvetica iScream 0 - 6
Week 2 (Division 6j) Stormtroop Helvetica Jakieś koty coś ?! 0 - 6
Monday Night Madness #8 - LOW [Archives]
Round 1 Team Dynamic Dead Man's Shift 0 - 3
Highlander Challenge Group Stage [Archives]
Playoffs (Group 107) ZeFerkelz Highlander May Contain Nuts 3 - 6
Season 7 powered by SteelSeries [Archives]
Week 3 (Division 6b) DW-Steppenfuchs inb4 Gaming 0 - 6
Week 2 (Division 6b) DW-Steppenfuchs Gathering of Tweakers Team 2 3 - 3
Week 1 (Division 6b) DW-Steppenfuchs ptt. 0 - 6
cp_obscure 1 Day Cup [Archives]
Round 1 DW-Steppenfuchs League of Angry Gentlemen 0 - 1
6v6 Ladder 2010 [Archives]
DW-Steppenfuchs Killing in finest Form 1 - 2
DW-Steppenfuchs Explicit-Content! 2 - 0
Rule34 Team DW-Steppenfuchs 0 - 2
RageQuitters DW-Steppenfuchs 2 - 0

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