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Classes PlayedEngineer Medic Demoman

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Left Selective Attention [Highlander] Foxyfluff
Joined Selective Attention [Highlander] Foxyfluff
Left Butterfly Effect [Highlander] Iver
Joined Butterfly Effect [Highlander] Cryyy
Left flash mcqueen fan club [Highlander] Iver
Joined flash mcqueen fan club [Highlander] aernox
Left Cult of Ivan [Highlander] BrianIsPeachy
Joined Cult of Ivan [Highlander] BrianIsPeachy
Left Feila eSports finanzieren durch DROPS [Highlander] Iver
Joined Croatia [National Highlander Team] MoistPenguin
Joined Legende [6on6] Jan
Joined Feila eSports finanzieren durch DROPS [Highlander] Leila
Left Vacuum Cleaner Racing Pilots [Highlander] Iver
Joined Vacuum Cleaner Racing Pilots [Highlander] foungi
Left Lucrosa [Highlander] Iver
Left LobbylordZ [Fun Team] sasami
Joined LobbylordZ [Fun Team] sasami
Left Crossing 2 Borders [Fun Team] Iver
Joined Lucrosa [Highlander] Cronk
Joined Crossing 2 Borders [Fun Team] Rainee
Left Team Amaze-Balls v3 [Highlander] Donny
Joined Team Amaze-Balls v3 [Highlander] Donny

Matches Played

This player played in 13 matches:
DateRoundTeam 1Team 2Result
Highlander Season 13: Mid Playoffs [Archives]
Semi Final Selective Attention We Are Finnish 5 - 1
Highlander Season 13 [Archives]
Week 3 (High) Ugandan Pizza Police Butterfly Effect 6 - 0
Week 2 (High) inVision Butterfly Effect 6 - 0
Week 1 (High) The Quitters Butterfly Effect 0 - 6
Highlander Nations Cup #5 [Archives]
Round 3 (Group 5) Croatia Norway 0 - 6
Round 2 (Group 5) Croatia Netherlands 0 - 6
Round 1 (Group 5) Croatia Finland 0 - 6
Season 27 [Archives]
Week 7 (Low) coroMatic Legende 6 - 0
Week 6 (Low) Legende Ye faM 4 - 2
Week 1 (Low) FREEDOM 4+1+1 Legende 4 - 2
Highlander Season 11 powered by Tt eSPORTS [Archives]
Week 5 (High/Mid) Aim! Aim! Aim! Rest in Matioo 0 - 6
Week 3 (High/Mid) yaynos bl0ws Lucrosa 0 - 6
The Highlander Open #2 Sponsored by and [Archives]
Week 4 (Group 5) Not Only Rockets Love You punchz disco 6 - 0

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