Hello there, here is an example of a good way to use this forum to find a team. Firstly on the bottom of the Forum page, there is a button that will allow you to create a topic. Select this and then a new page will appear, as standard with a Topic Name section and a Message section.

In the “Topic Name” section, type your name and your class and your country. For example:

“Hildreth, Demoman, United Kingdom.”

In your message box, type in any information you want to provide such as:

– Your availability how you like to play -your experience in TF2, your personality, any languages spoken and what hardware you have. For example:

“Hi, I am Hildreth I played 10,000 hours of TF2. I am available 7pm-9pm UK time Mondays to Thursdays. I like to be the maincaller for the team and I only speak English. I have a working Mic and Mumble.”

Finally add some contact details such as linking your steam profile or giving them your Discord username:

Add me on Steam here (Insert steam URL). Or find me on Discord, my nickname is Hildreth

This is just an example of how to post, there is no specific rule to doing this. Happy posting!