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Created 27th June 2016 @ 12:35

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If you’re looking for a team you can leave a comment here. Or if you’re a team leader you can look into making a team with the people that are looking for a team.

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Mid-Tear Scout/Soldier player in search of a Highlander team.

Hi, I’m AyyOwl/ColourBrake,

I have minimal experience with Highlander but I have played comp before with friends/randoms.
I speak English and Dutch. <—– Steam Account <——- Twitter Account
I'm more active on twitter!
(also the maker of things like Miss Angie's profile picture on YouTube and Twitch)



Scout/Soldier/Medic/Spy/Demo/ player in search of a Highlander team.

Hi, I’m Jeff/Icy

I have experience in Highlander and I have played comp in tfc and tf2 beta comp
I speak English <—– Steam Account <——- Twitter Account

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Im mid tier player.I play as scout,engineer,pyro,demoman and sniper.
Im looking for a team to join.
I can speak english and turkish.


Looking For a team I’m about mid/high. Play every class but spy and I speak English and live in America. Add me so I can do a trial for your team. Steam username ⌁Snalz⌁


Medic main, secondary demo, looking for team. Can play any class barring spy and sniper.

Speak very fluent English, basic Spanish.

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Sniper main looking for team, i have +400 hours in sniper. Looking for a Latin-American team, but i can work with anything, hope ya pick me, you won`t be disapointed.


Hi, I’m a new to the competitive scene and I main medic. I’m eager and willing to learn, and available to play with at pretty much any time.



Hello ,Im looking for an open highlander team! I am (in most mained order) A Pyro , Demo and soldier main.I am looking for a English speaking team and I am in western European(UK) time zone.I have 950+ hours and have experience on tf2 center. Thank you for reading and I hope you consider me on your team!

Dualie Woolie


Hello, I’m Dualie Woolie, played tf2 since it came out(although my account only is from 2009, I owned the disc when it came to stores). I live in the mid west. I get about 90 ping in LA/NY servers, about 70 in Virginia.

I have about 2.1k Hours on tf2. I say I am fairly skilled, maybe mid tier if I can get more practice.

The main classes I play are as follows: Demo, Soldier, Scout, Sniper, Heavy.

Classes I can play: Medic and Spy

I play on two computers(one is a college laptop, since I am in college, so I have to run at very low settings to play from it. The other is a Dell desktop that is fairly good at running tf2.)
If you consider picking me up, you can find me on steam by the same name (Dualie Woolie)
If you have any config options that will make tf2 run smoother, I am all ears. Find me on Twitter. Old URL but I still use it on Steam

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Greetings. I’m a fairly experienced soldier/demoman player with over 2000 hours put in. I was not able to receive a competitive beta key, however I have been playing the stress test fairly often. I’ve had tf2 since the uber update, but had followed it since the beginning. I’m a tad new to the competitive scene, but I’m plenty willing to learn and become the optimal member for a team.


Hello, I’m Icat. I’m a spy main with 4,500+ hours in the game and about 1/2 of them are on spy. I’ve only had the game for 2 years, but I have played in UGC Iron HL as a replacement spy before, so I do have some experience. I’m currently using a dell i660s, so my cpu can run tf2 just fine, but I’m using integrated graphics, and my fps can vary a bit sometimes (mainly on dx9, so I usually use dx8 or dx8.1). I usually play with a sort of gun-spy type style with the ambassador, but I have played the “get that one pick for the team” type style before, so I can adapt to whatever the team needs. I live in the United States, so my ping might be a little high in EU, but I have played on some EU skial servers before and I can still be fairly decent at hitting my shots so I think I would do fine. <- Just add me on steam If you want me on a team. Thanks for reading!




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I’m looking for a Highlander Open 2 team that I can join.

My main classes are Soldier Engineer and Spy.

I have close to 4000 hours of TF2 in total and I first played the game in 2008.

Looking forward to meeting you if you ever so choose me!

Steam Account:

FYI: Make sure you let me know in comment section you’re adding me for this. Thanks and have a great day/night! :)


Sou um jogador meio antigo de TF2 e estou voltando a jogar, gostaria de um time brasileiro ou português de preferência. Sou melhor de Sniper e Medic, quem quiser me chamar me adiciona aí. (sou BR)
I’m a quite old TF2 player, I’m looking forward to play it again and I’d like to have a team to play with. I play my best as Sniper and Medic, but I can play other classes as well. I speak Portuguese, English and Spanish.

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