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Created 22nd June 2016 @ 00:19

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If your team is looking for a buddy or additional players you can always leave a comment here. It’s good to give some additional information about your team and don’t forget to mention which classes you are looking for!

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looks like nobody looking for a buddy


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Quoted from vice

looks like nobody looking for a buddy

Then the buddies must take it upon themselves to make teams to participate in :D


Quoted from vice

looks like nobody looking for a buddy

new players are probably too shy to ask



come on lads dont be shy

buddies are here to help


I’m a buddy looking for a team. Let’s get this on already. :3


I’m pretty new and looking for a team. would love to join



Looking For a Demoman!

We plan on playing in Highlander Open 2, and our looking for more people to join our team, The Sponge.

We are also looking for any other teams who would like to scrim us. We are a NA and contact me if interested.

We are Currently in need of Subs

If your interested add me on steam

*We would also love to have a buddy!

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Im A Spy, Sniper, Engineer Main, (I Play medic, and Scout as well but dont like them as much) +750 Hours (All Pub) Looking for a team.

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Me and my comrade have started up a competitive group because of this event, and all we need now are players.

We’re a US-Based Highlander team.We accept players of all skill levels; we don’t care if your aim isn’t perfect; we don’t care if you have no hats; we’re a friendly and welcoming group in which all we ask of you is to give your all

We’re currently looking for the following classes:

If you’re interested, please post a message on my profile or add me and we can talk:


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Hello, we’re a team looking to participate in the HLO #2.
We’re mainly looking for people who are interested in improving and motivated. Currently still looking for Heavy, Demo and Engie.
We do expect you to have a mic and that you’re preferable above 16.
Mainly looking for EU players who can speak English decently.

You’re welcome” – Villdjack

“Mason is a living meme withing the community. He does the anime and is balding”

Either leave a comment on this, , recruitment thread or add me on steam if you’re interested. Do leave a comment before adding me though.



We’re pulling together a Canada/east coast NA team for this Open. Add me on Steam and let me know what you want to play. Most of us are newbies so we’ll be very forgiving :)


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EDIT: only looking for heavy and subs, please be willing to learn and have a mic, also make sure to be available on most evenings. I guess we are also looking for subs in case something goes wrong.
add me.

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