Highlander Season 15 Preseason Cup Feedback

Created 3rd March 2018 @ 21:52

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This thread is for feedback regarding the Highlander Season 15 preseason cup.

gravilpit sucks

Is borneo pl_borneo_rc4 or just pl_borneo?


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Quoted from Jesus Bourne

Is borneo pl_borneo_rc4 or just pl_borneo?

Just pl_borneo, it’s the most up to date version of the map.



bring back charlie



any map



Here is my opinion on the preseason cup.

pl_borneo – good map

koth_warmtic – plz no 2 weeks of koth/5cp

cp_gravelpit – everyone hates it



I like gpit

I dislike warmtic

I am indifferent over borneo

All maps are terrible

Borneo – It’s okay, but it’s the 3rd best payload map and has been for a while.

Warmtic – Now the banana sightline has been removed it’s a pretty solid koth map. Good candidate for a double koth week if we remove process. Coalplant > Warmtic > Lakeside imo.

Gravelpit – Was actually a really fun map to play; don’t see where it fits in a 5 week season though.

Mr British

Borneo is a good map, but not better than Upward or Badwater. Keep payload maps the same.
Warmtic is the best KOTH map in the game, and I’m super bored of Product, and Coalplant/Ashville, while Lakeside is just mediocre.
Gravelpit is nice and probably my favourite Highlander map – I have wanted it in the map pool since Season 9 ended. However, I don’t want Steel replaced; I want Gravelpit to replace one of the 5CP/KOTH weeks. Seeing as Gullywash is better, Process would go, along with both current KOTH maps, with Warmtic replacing them.

I propose this map pool:
Week 1: Upward
Week 2: Steel
Week 3: Gullywash and Warmtic
Week 4: Gravelpit
Week 5: Badwater

Map pool changes:

[NB: All statements such as “… is the best KOTH map in the game” are my opinion, and not indisputable fact. Obviously.]

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Why couldn’t we try to play vigil? People hate Borneo. Warmtic is fantastic map and Idk about gpit, seems like people are very confused on this map. Instead of getting random map picks like Borneo or gpit, I’d like to play them on pug site and Preseason cup could be final test



replace process with one of these maps



All three maps were pretty good. Whether they’re better than the maps that have been played in the past few seasons is up for debate.

I’d say Borneo is slightly better than Badwater.
I love Warmtic, it’s better than Lakeside but not sure if it’s better than Coalplant.
Gravelpit was fun to play but a bit messy since people didn’t really know the map very well. I’m also not sure what map would need to go out for it.

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