Announcing Highlander Open #3 powered by KEYS-STORE.COM!

Date February 15, 2020

Banner by Tell me if this sounds familiar, you are new to competitive TF2 and: You want to play competitive TF2 but you are afraid you’re not good enough. You want to play competitive TF2 but you find it hard to find a team. You want to play competitive TF2 but you have no idea […]

Highlander Season 20 Award Polls!

Date January 29, 2020

Vote for who you think was the best at their respective role! These polls are going to be live until Friday the 14th of February at 21:00 CET! ETF2L on social media:  Follow us on twitter!  Like us on Facebook!  Join our Steamgroup and invite your friends!  Use our Discord!

Season 35 powered by Copenhagen Games: Preseason Qualifiers and Prize Pool Update!

Date January 22, 2020

Banner by Preseason Qualifiers are happening afterall! After our initial post regarding the Premiership Division signups was posted, we have received 2 more signups. Because of the fact that the signup period for Premiership was particularly short as well as in order to maintain the integrity of the highest division in Europe, we decided to […]

Highlander Season 20: Provisional Tiers

Date November 16, 2019

Banner by

Highlander Season 20: Map Pool Update!

Date November 1, 2019

Banner by Map Poll Results: The results of the polls can be found here. With these results in mind koth_warmtic_b6 will be returning to the map pool inplace of cp_propaganda_b16 for Season 20. To complete the map pool we ask that you please vote on the following poll: ETF2L on social media:  Follow us on twitter! […]