Season 34 Week 4: top5rocket vs. karnax : ok donc nice calmonie

Date October 17, 2019

Banner by Tonight at 21:15 CEST on TFTV! It only took 4 weeks for the French to turn on themselves, ok nice. Both groupes de garçons only have two results behind them after the drop-out of Rakuzan. And the battle for position in the table is still unnervingly close, with only 3 points in difference […]

Season 34 Week 2: Ora Elektro vs. wer das liest ist doof

Date October 3, 2019

Banner by Tonight at 21:15 CEST on TFTV2! With the second week of the season underway, things are looking more and more interesting for all involved. Wer das liest ist doof (ich hab’s nur geschrieben) is at the moment one of two teams with a full 6 points from Week 1, after putting on a […]

Season 34 Week 1: Ora Elektro vs. sauna slayers

Date September 26, 2019

Banner by Tonight at 21:15 CEST! Ora Elektro The upcomers, filled with fire Can they break saunas? But sauna slayers The experienced phoenix Blazes hot and fierce For our production: Archrhythm, with chattery Surny, Eepily. Play-by-play: Surny | Analysis: Eepily | Production: ArchRhythm | Match Page | Ora Elektro | Sauna Slayers | Written by dempsey ETF2L on social media: Follow us on Twitter! Like us on […]

Season 34 Final Map Pool and Preseason Qualifiers

Date September 14, 2019

Banner by Map Pool and Rotation The following 6 maps had already been confirmed. cp_granary_pro_rc8 cp_gullywash_final1 cp_process_final cp_snakewater_final1 cp_sunshine koth_product_rcx After having a public community poll we’re finalizing the map pool. Within the vote it became clear that there was a large preference for a 7 map pool season. Together with that based off of […]

Season 34 Map Pool vote, S33 Wrap-up, S34 Preseason Cup Wrap-up, Staff Changes

Date September 10, 2019

Banner by Season 34 Map Pool vote Similar to Season 32, we’ll be hosting a vote to decide on some of map pool. With us already having announced 6 of the maps that will be in the season this will be a shorter poll. This poll will get closed on Friday at 23:00 CEST and […]