The Highlander Open #3 powered by KEYS-STORE.COM: Tables and Fixtures Released!

Date March 8, 2020

The groups and fixtures for the competition have been released. You’ll get paired up against another team in your group every week at Sunday morning depending on both teams’ availability so make sure to get your leaders to set your teams availability here.

A guide on how to change availability among other things related to playing matches on ETF2L can be found here.

The FAQ and whitelist for The Highlander Open #3 can be found here.

Remember that all agreements about mercs should be recorded on the match page and that during the group stages stopwatch maps are to be played as best of three.

If you have any questions about the event, contact an admin.

N.B. We have not reviewed rosters yet, if a team has over experienced players that aren’t tagged as buddy or leader the players will be removed from the roster. If a team wants to check if their team has over experienced players they should contact an admin.

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