Season 35 powered by Copenhagen Games: Preseason Qualifiers and Prize Pool

Date January 19, 2020

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Preseason Qualifiers

Thanks to a perfect fit of Premiership signups there will be no qualifying matches for Premiership. The 8 Premiership Teams are:

Prize Pool

Here are the prizes for next season’s Premiership division.

gold medal Place – 300 Euros
silver medal Place – 120 Euros

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  1. danny: DBC2DH said:

    rip se7en again

  2. fugazi said:

    πŸ¦€ πŸ¦€ πŸ¦€ πŸ¦€ πŸ¦€ ETF2L IS DEAD πŸ¦€ πŸ¦€ πŸ¦€ πŸ¦€ πŸ¦€

  3. unikeko: SOP said:


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