Season 34 Div 1 Grand Final: CRUNGE eSports vs Lentavat Sirkkelit

Date November 28, 2019

Banner by soda

Tonight at 21:15 CET on TFTV!

One more BO3 to decide it all. Two weeks ago these teams faced each other before, ending in a tie. This time however there will be only one of them going out as the winners Division 1.

Casted by GrumpyKoi & Kermit with ArchRhythm on production.

Play-by-play: GrumpyKoi Analysis: Kermit Production: ArchRhythm Match Page


  1. S+ said:

    who wrote this

  2. tavi: NGOLO - STACK said:

    aoshi will destroy everything(trust me)

  3. Villdjack: (twisted) - SDCK said:

    aoshi will destroy everything(trust me)

  4. calle cool: 800dpm - STACK said:

    the zoo could have been in this game…

  5. DuMmTm: COGU said:

    why did you steal my none-writeup smh

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