Season 34 Map Pool vote, S33 Wrap-up, S34 Preseason Cup Wrap-up, Staff Changes

Date September 10, 2019

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Season 34 Map Pool vote

Similar to Season 32, we’ll be hosting a vote to decide on some of map pool. With us already having announced 6 of the maps that will be in the season this will be a shorter poll.

This poll will get closed on Friday at 23:00 CEST and we will announce the finalized map pool shortly after.

>>> You can vote right here <<<

Season 33 Wrap-up

Going to keep it short but a quick shoutout to season 33 winner before we head into the next one. Congratulations to UnitedKingdom Se7en for claiming their victory during the season as well at Insomnia 65! Medals will be distributed once they’re added into the game.

The winning squad is comprised of:


1. UnitedKingdom Se7en
2. Finland nerdRage
3. European Ascent.EU

Division 1

1. European Rakuzan

Division 2

1. Serbia Garda Panteri
2. Seychelles The Zoo
3. Finland MORKO
3. Ireland Xypher

Mid Tier

1. Russia уротцы eSports
2. UnitedKingdom KNOPPERS
3. CzechRepublic street debils
3. France Pot-au-Feu 3.0

Low Tier

1. European smiling
2. UnitedKingdom Police Squad
3. European U.B.
3. European

Open Tier

1. Poland Almost Famous
2. European King of Hearts
3. Germany HerbsArmy
3. Finland SAFETOR Turvallisuuspalvelut

Season 33 Awards

Here are your award winning gamers:

  • Best Player of the Season: CzechRepublic LUKASTANK
  • Demoman of the Season: CzechRepublic LUKASTANK
  • Medic of the Season: UnitedKingdom Raymon
  • Pocket of the Season: Netherlands kaptain
  • Roamer of the Season: UnitedKingdom Silentes
  • Pocket Scout of the Season: Denmark Thalash
  • Flank Scout of the Season: UnitedKingdom Starkie
  • Off-classer of the Season: UnitedKingdom Starkie
  • Best Premier Division Debut of the Season: UnitedKingdom ever_x
  • Caster of the Season: Denmark Beater

Season 34 Preseason Cup Wrap-up

With that full season wrap-up finished it’s time to wrap-up the preseason cup as well. Do you have any further feedback then feel free to post it inside of the forum thread. We hope you had fun in this cup although it was setup on quite a short notice.

With that said, here are the respective bracket winners:

Staff changes

We have to sadly announce that our friend UnitedKingdom Dr Happiness has resigned from their duties as League Admin of ETF2L. We thank him for his help and wish him good luck in their future endeavors!

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