Season 32 Premiership Week 2: SVIFT vs MONGI MODE

Date February 6, 2019

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Get ready for some intense deathmatch as we kick off week 2 with European Faint Gaming vs England MONGI MODE. The teams will be overjoyed to walk on Sunshine once again, before moving on to the only KOTH map in rotation, Product.

MONGI MODE used to be known as torrit..sukintoes but after hearing that everyone refused to say their name and that I still had 48 feet puns to use, they opted to re-brand. Cowards. Regardless, they surprised everyone yesterday, as they lost by a single point to Finland Ascent.EU on Snakewater. Sunshine ended as a more expected, but still reasonable 4-1 for last season’s runners-up, so it will be interesting to see if MONGI MODE is just very good on Snakewater, or if they can keep up their good form against an arguably worse team.

SVIFT are coming in this match as the clear favorites, comfortably defeating Sweden Faint Gaming 5-1 on Sunshine last week, as well as looking strong on Product with iatgink being a capable sniper. This will be however Sweden Klassy’s debut for SVIFT, so all hope is not gone for MONGI MODE, whose scout combo already showed that they are not to be underestimated.

So, will klassy’s debut show that he belongs with SVIFT, or will he be just a Blank Space? Tune in to find out!

Play-by-Play: Ombrack | Analysis: Eemes | Production: hamaham | Match Page | European Faint Gaming | England MONGI MODE | Written by Aelkyr

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