Highlander Season 15 Awards Show

Date June 8, 2018

Created by Pr0p3r

Written by England chando

The Highlander Season 15 Awards Show

With another great season of highlander behind us, it is time to see which players stood out among the rest on their respective classes. This season saw some intense matches, made possible by many amazing players, both new and old. The awards show will pay homage to the very best the community has to offer (and nominated) as well as shedding some praise to the casting talent that allowed you guys to spectate what has been yet another incredible season of highlander action.

Join you host Spain CeeJaey, guest stars UnitedKingdom GardenFungus, Germany Menty, Germany mezzo, Slovakia Strno and award awarding ETF2L admin Germany DCS over on Kritzkast at 21 CEST to catch up on all the highlander gossip over the past season and check out which players deserve the all important highlander accolades.

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  1. Cronk: ︻芫═一☺ - Lucrosa said:

    representing three teams with one team having two spots OMEGAKRITZKAST
    zamp should organize this

  2. CazaroC: nufcZONE - :) said:

    mezzo #1 Fan here !!

  3. Included_Middle: nufcZONE - :) said:

    I for one am outraged open squad only got 2 spots and not the 3 they were promised!

  4. Clark: SHADYR - dab said:

    No catman, no party.

  5. zgd: TBC said:


  6. Strno: inv said:

    At least I won ” Massive forehead of the season”