Season 27: Award Polls!

Date August 9, 2017


The premiership talent has chosen between its peers. The following players – in their eyes – deserve to be available to be voted best in their departments.
So without further ado, here are the nominees:

Season 27: Scout of the Season

Total Voters: 727

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Season 27: Roamer of the Season

Total Voters: 713

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Season 27: Pocket of the Season

Total Voters: 717

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Season 27: Demoman of the Season

Total Voters: 716

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Season 27: Medic of the Season

Total Voters: 709

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Season 27: Best Offclasser

Total Voters: 715

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Season 27: Best Debut

Total Voters: 670

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Season 27: Best Player

Total Voters: 712

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Season 27: Caster of the Season

Total Voters: 674

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  1. Cronk: keɪkeɪkeɪ - Lucrosa said:


  2. Ombrack: FAINT said:

    Alle getting best demo with only 3 games, ez

  3. Fire: WCS said:

    if u got alle on ur team u win

  4. Funs: SVIFT - S-O said:

    remember to vote for me and ubrs in these awards thank you

  5. gemm: SWAG!!!!! said:

    Tigger pound

  6. catbowcar: PAINT said:

    why arent there maros thalash or mr epic in the best scout awwards? more options would be better

  7. Ombrack: FAINT said:

    Because they didnt got enough nominations from prem players i imagine

  8. lukas: bin.BLK said:

    🚗 PARK THE CAR 🚗

  9. DCS: (Head Admin) - [HA] - 46 DPM said:

    @catbowcar: Thai and Funs were literally the only ones that got nominated by the prem players.

  10. Brian said:

    Not nominating thalash :thinking:

  11. kKaltUu: R6S - Leila+8 said:

    Time for lowpander boys to win some awards

  12. loopster: ouhlala said:

    🚗 PARK THE CAR 🚗

  13. Kimo: 124 - -Xe- said:

    HiipFire best caster of all time!

  14. DUCKSLAYER said:

    inb4 lowpander bois dont win any award

  15. Cookie_: SWAG!!!!! - SS D5 said:

    uubers rolling s27 feelsgoodman

  16. sheepy dog's hand: (cute asian schoolgirl) - bad said:

    uubers was the best pocket without a doubt

    babs and credu being the only 2 picks for prem debut is strange, obviously it goes to credu although babs has a solid season, credu really stood out to me.