Entries from May 2008

3rd Cup starting, Fun Cup Polls and more

Date May 30, 2008

3rd Cup starting! We are happy to welcome 128 teams from over 24 different countries to our 3rd Cup: Germany (27 teams): aimtec, Ansammlung Laestiger Krieger, Die Doppelnullen, Die Philosoffen, Digital X-Plosiv, eL Diablo’s Brigade, Elitedorfkiller, Erdnuckels, Friede seiner Asche, Game Control, Gods of Egypt, International Special Force, Jarpen.Gaming, Keine halben Sachen, last one alive […]

Sign-Ups closing, IRC Live Drawing, New Partner & more

Date May 27, 2008

3rd Cup Sign-Ups closing! The 3rd Cup Sign-Up-Phase is ending soon. A complete overview about all current participants can be found at our Teams-List. We also would like to invite our recently new registered teams to join our Steam Group and/or our big IRC Channel #etf2l @ QuakeNet. Spots taken: 128/128 – Cup is full, […]

3rd Cup Sign-Up Phase, Week 7 Default Dates

Date May 23, 2008

3rd Cup Sign-Ups The 3rd Cup Sign-Up-Phase is running very well, we reached over 100 teams already. We hope to reach our slot limit of 128 in the next days. You can find detailed Sign-Up instructions at our last newspost. Our public vote about our Cup’s Mappick-System is still open, take your right above! As […]

3rd Cup Sign-Ups open & more!

Date May 19, 2008

3rd Cup Sign-Ups After our 2nd Cup Final was played last night (more information below), we officially opened our 3rd Cup Sign-Ups at 0.00 CET. We are happy to announce already 54 teams joined our Cup in the first 20 hours. Remember all Fixtures will be done by random draws – challenge your teams’ luck […]

Tonight Big Cup Final with QuadV Coverage

Date May 18, 2008

2nd Cup Final – 4 Kings vs. Fracture Biggest European Cup’s Final will take place tonight! Our partners QuadV.com will make a live Video-Stream with commentary. Their show will start at 20:40 CET (Schedule Link), Cup Final is supposed to start at 21:00 CET. Don’t miss the fight! >>> QuadV Live Coverage (TV Channel 1) […]